Eddie Bauer

Web Design + Interactive Design

During my time at Eddie Bauer, I expanded the eComm team deliverables to include HTML5 banner ads and engaging social media content. I also aided in evolving promotional email creative to include motion elements and increase click-through rates.

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Paid Social Ads

I worked closely with the team overseeing paid social to increase brand awareness. During my time there, we added animated elements to carousels, transitioned from static to HTML5 animated banners, and created an easy-to-use template for promotional sale announcements.

Product Videos & Digital Publications

I worked with the in-house video editor to create new product launch content. With my knowledge of motion design, I increased the amount of bite-sized video content the brand could produce via social media and emails. I also worked on dynamic, interactive campaign pages that helped create a narrative around specific products. Each page aimed to tell a story and broaden how the brand speaks to its users. It also provided the challenge of designing something that was unique but still within the brand guidelines.

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