A Road to Ruin

Game Dev + Writing + Illustration

Welcome to Tharaal's Hollow — In this pamphlet adventure, your group of Marble-Seekers is trying to get into a vault that's said to hold 2,000 Marble. As if that wouldn't be difficult enough on its own, the group is on a ticking clock as a Titan is incoming, heading straight for Tharaal's Hollow.

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This Carapace adventure is designed with replayability in mind. A few ways you will find variety are:

  • Dice-rolled Titan Timer will dictate how much time a group has before the settlement is crushed under a Titan's foot.
  • Multiple Entry Points to support a variety of approach strategies
  • Tables that support either stealthy or combat-based runs.

Also included in this project is a custom character sheet illustrated by me.

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