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A Road to Ruin

A Road to Ruin is a pamphlet adventure designed for the Carapace TTPRG that immerses players in the world of Tharaal's Hollow, blending tension, strategy, and moral quandaries. I had a lot of fun bringing together an intricate plot with compelling character motivations, detailed illustrations, and visual elements to enhance the storytelling experience and creating replayable game mechanics to support strong player engagement.

Adventure Details
Players embark on a high-stakes infiltration and heist quest. However, the challenge is intensified by an imminent threat: a massive Titan on a collision course with Tharaal's Hollow, creating a race against time. There’s also the question of what to do about the denizens and captives of the Hollow: save the people, steal the money, or save yourselves.
To build the tension and unpredictability of the game, the arrival of the Titan is determined by dice rolls. This mechanic dictates how much time the players have before Tharaal's Hollow is destroyed, creating a dynamic and urgent atmosphere. The adventure offers multiple entry points into the Hollow, supporting various strategies and play styles. Comprehensive tables are provided to support both stealthy infiltrations and combat-based encounters. This flexibility allows players to tailor their approach based on their group's strengths and preferences, ensuring a customized and engaging experience.

Outcomes & Results
My goal was to create a visually striking and narratively rich adventure, that is both engaging and replayable. I wanted to captivate players with the high-stakes heist and strategic depth but also create multiple threads of tension in the adventure to affect play-throughs in various ways. As, at the time, the game did not have an officially designed character sheet, I happily created one to accompany the release of this adventure.

Carapace RPG created by Victor Amorim (torthevic)
Game Dev + Narrative Writing + Illustration
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