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AIQ site redesign

Following a comprehensive rebranding effort by COLLINS, Assurance IQ undertook a website redesign to better align with its new identity. The previous site served primarily as a marketing vehicle, but the new vision aimed to create a user-friendly and approachable resource, transforming the site into a valuable knowledge hub and quote tool for existing and potential customers.

The Approach
My primary focus was developing an intuitive and engaging user-centric interface and ensuring site content was clear, legible, and easy to digest. The site's structure was streamlined to simplify navigation and manage extensive content effectively, enhancing how customers communicate with Assurance IQ and use the site to find insurance quotes. The design strategy focused on creating a visually warm and relatable atmosphere through diverse, narratively strong photography and a comprehensive library of educational content. Prioritizing user needs, fostering trust and ease, and reflecting Assurance IQ's new brand ethos as a knowledgeable, approachable, and helpful "humble sage" was integral to any design decisions. I wanted to ensure the new site inspired confidence and portrayed Assurance IQ as a reputable and caring insurance provider.

Outcomes & Results
The comprehensive redesign of the Assurance IQ website transformed it from a primarily marketing-focused platform into a user-friendly, educational resource. The new design reflected Assurance IQ's rebranded identity, prioritizing user needs and fostering trust. The streamlined navigation, clear content, and visually engaging interface were built to enhance the customer experience, making it easier for users to find insurance quotes and access valuable information. Ultimately, the redesigned website sought to inspire confidence and portray Assurance IQ as a reputable, caring, and approachable insurance provider.

design support from Charles Ramsay + copywriting from Nicole Cassese
Art Direction + UX/UI Design
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About me

I’m Luis Alvarez, a proven visual storyteller with over a decade of experience in multidisciplinary design. I am adept at translating complex concepts into captivating visual narratives and have successfully led projects across various mediums, consistently exceeding expectations and delivering high-quality, impactful visual content while driving high standards across my team.

Assurance IQ

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2020 - 2024

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2017 - 2019

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