Troika! Card Deck

Creative Direction + Illustration

The spirit of the Troika! tabletop role-playing game inspires many unique interpretations of its science-fantasy setting. I found myself so inspired that I couldn't help but start sketching and creating. Three specific cards are essential in the Troika! initiative system; player characters, enemy combatants, and end of round. Once I put pencil to paper, I approached the artwork for these cards from various angles.

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I experimented with concepts based on geometric shapes where each card type would center around its assigned shape. This approach was a way of creating a visual reference for players to quickly process which card they were viewing. I played around with finding an established library of symbols to incorporate. I began researching moon phases, moon glyphs, and alchemical symbols, among other things.

Two sketches or elements that I gravitated towards as I kept drawing and researching were an astronaut helmet and an eye. More specifically, I took notice of the 'Evil Eye' found in a variety of cultures. The eye motif was the foundation of what would become the final product and the element that would tie everything together. I began a deep dive into astrological and occult symbology to form a narrative that would link all the designs.

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