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Troika! card deck

The spirit of the Troika! tabletop role-playing game inspires many unique interpretations of its science-fantasy setting. I was so moved that I couldn't help but start sketching and creating. I aimed to craft a cohesive visual narrative and language for the game’s blind-pull initiative system.

The Approach
I explored concepts based on geometric shapes, assigning each card type a specific shape to create a visual reference for players to quickly identify the cards. To enhance this, I looked into established symbol libraries and began researching moon phases, glyphs, and alchemical and occult symbology.
While drawing and researching, I was particularly drawn to two elements: an astronaut helmet and an eye, with a specific focus on the 'Evil Eye' found in various cultures. The eye motif became foundational to the final product, serving as the unifying element. I then delved deeply into astrological and occult symbology to create a narrative that interconnected all the designs.

Outcomes & Results
Each card features a detailed story within its artwork, perfectly capturing the game designers' vision for Troika's initiative system. The final card set met all my expectations, and a major validation came when David from Technical Grimoire contracted me to create web versions of the card set for his online initiative tracker. Contributing to the broader Troika community in this way fills me with pride for this project.

See the cards used in the Technical Grimoire online initiative tracker,

Troika! RPG created by Daniel Sell
Creative Direction + Illustration
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