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'To all the gods' zine

This TTRPG adventure scenario centers around an Elder God, long dormant and weakened by its extended slumber. It awakens, starved of the vital energy derived from worship and effigy. This ancient being's survival hinges on a cunning scheme: to draw upon the life force of mortals who venture into its domain, inspired by the artwork and artifacts they bear, setting the stage for a dramatic struggle between divine ambition and mortal ingenuity.

Adventure Details
Montegaño, a village steeped in tradition and besieged by religious and political turmoil, stands at the heart of this epic saga. The narrative is deeply inspired by the rich cultural heritage of my Taino ancestors, infusing the setting with authenticity and reverence for Indigenous storytelling traditions. The village faces an existential threat as the annual harvest festival approaches, overshadowed by the mysterious death of its beloved leader and Bohique (priest), Pachu. This sudden loss creates a power vacuum, igniting a series of events that could alter the fate of Montegaño forever.

Outcomes & Results
Designed as a system-neutral adventure setting, this project allows players to immerse themselves in the world of Montegaño, navigate the intricate web of religious and political tensions, and make critical decisions to shape the village's future. This world was brought to life by the beautiful illustrations of Merita Lindstrom that enhance the storytelling experience and connect the setting and characters. The production of this zine was a very personal exercise in reconnecting and gaining a deeper understanding of my culture and ancestry.

Illustrations by Merita Lindstrom
Game Dev + Writing + Art Direction
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