'To All the Gods' zine

Game Dev + Writing + Art Direction

The Elder God awoken after a long slumber, malnourished, and in need of the energy transferred by worship and effigy. As a group of mortals enters its demesne, the artwork and artifacts they carry inspire a plot for this Elder Being to acquire that much-needed energy to survive.

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Montegaño is in crisis!

Caught in the tangle of religious and political strife, your players will be tasked with helping decide the future of Montegaño. In this system-neutral adventure setting - inspired by my Taino ancestors. The village of Montegaño is at risk of missing its annual harvest festival due to the apparent death of its leader and Bohique (priest), Pachu. 

This news and subsequent power vacuum set off a chain of events that will change Montegaño forever. Truths about the harvest god Corakitu, machinations of the recently acknowledged prophet Edwin, and the fate of village exiles Los Pícaros begin to unravel, and the player characters find themselves in the middle of this turmoil.


  • Colorful list of notable residents important to the story
  • Encounter Table to help make treks up the mountain unique
  • Table of Taino/Puerto Rican inspired names for creating additional NPCs  at your table
  • List of questions and hooks to alter/customize the experience for replayability
  • And the beautiful character & map art of Merita Lundstrom

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